Influenza Vaccination Program

An Effective Practice


The Henderson County Department of Public Health traditionally conducts an annual influenza vaccination clinic. The goal of each influenza vaccination clinic is to decrease the chance of a pandemic influenza outbreak and reduce morbidity and mortality in high-risk populations in the community. The health department also administers vaccine in rest homes, schools, and other sites. In the past, vaccination efforts were not coordinated, creating competing and duplicated services, which contributed to flu vaccine shortages. In 2002 the traditional flu clinic design was altered to improve efficiency and capacity as a mass vaccination exercise.

Goal / Mission

In 2002, the health department changed the clinic site and operation to accomplish the following three goals: 1) to conduct a mass vaccination involving other community agencies, businesses and health providers; 2) to distribute influenza vaccination in the community for greater equity and accountability; and 3) to introduce the citizens to the concept and process of a mass vaccination drill.

Results / Accomplishments

A total of 8,300 people were vaccinated. The average time per vaccinee was ten minutes door-to-door, improving efficiency by 50% from previous years.

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