The Community Health Improvement Process for Montgomery County, Maryland
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Healthy Montgomery 2011 Needs Assessment

The Montgomery County Community Health Improvement Process launched in June 2009 with a comprehensive scan of all existing and past planning processes. Past assessment, planning, and evaluation processes were compiled that related to health and well-being focus and social determinants of health across a multitude of sectors, populations, and communities within Montgomery County. An environmental scan was compiled in 2009 that included the key data sources and past planning, assessment and evalaution reports on Montgomery County. By 2010, the focus was on establishing a core set of indicators that could be examined through a comprehensive needs assessment that resulted in approximately 100 indicators being released at the launch of the Healthy Montgomery website on February 2011. 
During 2011, this information was compiled into the Healthy Montgomery Needs Assessment, which was sent to the Healthy Montgomery Steering Committee (HMSC) in September 2011. The draft Executive Summary of the Healthy Montgomery Needs Assessment can be found on this page along with all the sections of this report. 
The results of the needs assessment informed the HMSC in its October 2011 Priority-Setting Process.