The Community Health Improvement Process for Montgomery County, Maryland

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Healthy People 2020 : Progress Tracker

Healthy People provides a framework for prevention for communities in the U.S. Healthy People 2020 is a comprehensive set of key disease prevention and health promotion objectives. The health objectives and targets allow communities to assess their health status and build an agenda for community health improvement.

Tracker for County: Montgomery

Indicator Current and Target Data Since Prior Period Status

Access to Health Services

Persons without Health Insurance
Current: 11.9
Target: 0
Current Value: 11.9 percent
Current Measurement Period: 2012
Target Value: 0 percent
Target Type: Healthy People 2020 Target
Location: County: Montgomery
Current Value: 11.9 percent
Current Measurement Period: 2012
Prior Value: 11.7 percent
Prior Measurement Period: 2011
Location: County: Montgomery
The Healthy People 2020 Target for Persons without Health Insurance has not been met.The current value is 11.9 percent and the target value is 0 percent.