The Community Health Improvement Process for Montgomery County, Maryland
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Healthy Montgomery Steering Committee Members
Mr. George Leventhal
Councilmember, Montgomery County Council
Affiliation: HHS Sub-Committee, Montgomery County Council
Ms. Sharan London
Vice President, ICF International
Affiliation: Homeless Issues
Ms. Uma Ahluwalia
Director, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
Affiliation: Director, Montgomery County DHHS
Mr. Ron Bialek
President, Public Health Foundation
Affiliation: Commission on Health
Ms. Tara Clemons
Community Benefits Outreach Coordinator, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
Affiliation: MedStar Montgomery Medical Center
Ms. Mary Dolan
Chief, Functional Planning and Policy Division, Montgomery County Department of Planning
Affiliation: Montgomery County Planning Department, M-MCPPC
Ms. Tanya Edelin
Sr. Project Manager for Community Benefit
Affiliation: Kaiser Permanente
Ms. Wendy Friar
Vice President, Community Health
Affiliation: Holy Cross Hospital
Dr. Carol Garvey
Vice President for Health Policy, Garvey Associates
Affiliation: Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families
Mr. Thomas Harr
Executive Director, Family Services, Inc.
Affiliation: Family Services, Inc.
Ms. Lorrie Knight-Major
Member, Commission on Veterans Affairs
Affiliation: Commission on Veterans Affairs
Dr. Samuel P. Korper
Affiliation: Commission on Aging
Ms. Kathy McCallum
Controller, Ronald D. Paul Companies
Affiliation: Mental Health Association of Montgomery County
Ms. Beatrice Miller
Assistant Director, Adult Medicine DC-SM, Kaiser Permanente
Affiliation: African American Health Program
Dr. Seth Morgan
Affiliation: Commission on People with Disabilities
Dr. Cesar Palacios
Executive Director, Proyecto Salud Health Center
Affiliation: Latino Health Initiative
Ms. Monique Sanfuentes
Director, Community Health and Wellness, Suburban Hospital
Affiliation: Suburban Hospital
Dr. Wendy Shiau
Affiliation: Asian American Health Initiative
Mr. Jon Smink
Recreation Specialist, Montgomery County Recreation Department
Affiliation: Montgomery Recreation Department
Dr. Michael Stoto
Professor of Health Systems Administration and Population Health Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies
Affiliation: Academia
Dr. Ulder J. Tillman
Montgomery County Health Officer and Chief, Public Health Services
Affiliation: Health Officer, Montgomery County DHHS/PHS
Dr. Deidre Washington
Research Associate, Center for Health Equity & Wellness
Affiliation: Adventist HealthCare
Ms. Sharon Zalewski
Vice President, Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County
Affiliation: Primary Care Coalition of Montgomery County
Dr. Andrew Zuckerman
Chief of Staff, Montgomery County Public Schools
Affiliation: Montgomery County Public Schools