The Community Health Improvement Process for Montgomery County, Maryland
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Highlight your community health issue by submitting content to help connect people to your issue and demonstrate its importance to the well-being of the community.

You are invited to:
  • Submit a Promising Practice
  • Submit a Report
  • Submit an Article
  • Submit an Event Announcement
  • Submit Local Resource Information
If you have questions or want to contribute other kinds of information, please Contact Us.

Submit a Promising Practice

A Promising Practice is a project or program that effectively improves a community health issue.

To contribute to the Promising Practices information provided on this site, please fill out this form.

Submit a Report

A Report is a publication that contains locally relevant information on a community health topic.

If you have a report that has information specific to this community, please send email to providing a 1-2 sentence summary and include the report as an attachment, or provide a web address where the report can be obtained.

Submit an Article

An article highlights information and ways to take action on a specific community health topic.

To submit an article please fill out this form.

Submit Local Resource Information

A Local Resource is a nonprofit, education, government, or community organization that connects people in the community with opportunities to learn more and take action to improve community health. 

You can contact infoMONTGOMERY to provide or update information about your local resource.